A Press Release is the best alternative to a paid advertisement. Not that the press release is free of cost, but it is hell lot cheaper than a paid advert. A press release helps you to convey a message to the media. This piece of information should be noteworthy. This post will explain you lucidly the role of a press release and how it is constructed.

A press release is used by an organization to deliver any sort of message they wish to make public. There are multiple ways in which you could deliver a press release. For wide scale propagation, newspapers, bulk mails or a website with large audience could come in handy. For restricted delivery, simple mails to limited number of users, a fax or a simple snail mail through any postal agency could be effective tools of dispersion of the message.

While sending the press release to a publication, keep in mind that the document on which you have dispatched the press release, needs to be the organization’s letterhead.

In the next post we would discuss how to write a press release. Till then, it’s adieu from Tushar and S.C.
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