Wait Till You See How The Content Writers In India Are Being Screwed

Wait Till You See How The Content Writers In India Are Being Screwed

Hello friends, how are you all? I know this title is not in good taste. Many of you will say I am discouraging other people of my guild, because of my personal problems. This is partially true. I am doing just that! But my story is also important. When you will be making a decision […]

Why you should become a content writer

Why you should become a content writer? If this question is what pops up in your mind, before you take the plunge, you will probably need some information about this profession. While I would not state that I can be your saviour, here’s my take on it. After all, I got some experience. To become […]

Content Writer Start Point: Where the game begins

Trying to write good content is extremely difficult. Cooking up a story, spinning a yarn and doctoring it to perfection can be very stressful and at times, impossible especially, if you aren’t prepared for it. What are the skills which make you a content writer, and a good one. Without the optimum skills, you remain […]

What is a Content Writer: Who We Are, What Do We Do

What is a Content Writer? You must have wondered how a content writer is different from a regular writer. Webapps city is an online portal for all the the young and upcoming Content Writers. So here is the answer to the question. Generally speaking for the clueless hoi polloi who are into content writing. Any established […]

How to write a homepage for a website

How to write a homepage for a website? This is an oft-repeated question when it comes to writing website content. Budding Website Content Writers often find it difficult to churn out content for a website. The veterans do not write content, they just hunt the sort of client wants and re-phrase it and voila!, out […]