SEO Content Writing: Search Engine Optimization

SEO Content Writing, or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most discussed things on the web. Especially, there are a lot of jobs which require SEO Content Writing. Are you one of those who scratched their heads, wondering what SEO meant? Is it something special? Why is it required anyway? A lot of questions […]

Why a Content Writer should freelance

A freelance content writer is commonplace nowadays. In fact, there must be a million of content writers who have self-employed themselves while laughing their way to the bank. What could be the reason for such a phenomenon to occur? Well, the penetration of internet in every household has increased employability leaps and bounds, that too […]

What is a Content Writer: Who We Are, What Do We Do

What is a Content Writer? You must have wondered how a content writer is different from a regular writer. Webapps city is an online portal for all the the young and upcoming Content Writers. So here is the answer to the question. Generally speaking for the clueless hoi polloi who are into content writing. Any established […]