Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) beg to be taken seriously

You always need a website design development expert for your business.  An online portal which enchants your customers is necessary if you want to get noticed in the competition. There is also some scope for e-commerce if you want to sell your products and services online.  You need them and you need a lot more […]

Steve Jobs Screw Job: Mobile App Developers risked by Apple App Store

Though I do not want to start a controversy with this post, but this was too juicy to miss. Apparently, there is a lot of hubbub over the web about the stupid Apple App store policies. They have short-changed a lot of them owing to their stringent policies. Most of them are one-sided and are […]

Watch Youtube Videos like a Playlist with Tubalr

Tubalr is a free web app which helps us to watch Youtube videos like a playlist. Tubalr is an incarnation of simplicity for music lovers who hunt around the entire discographies of their favourite bands or artists. With Tubalr, you can stack all the Youtube videos at one place and then watch them one by […]

SEO, Search Engine Optimization: It’s damn important

SEO Content Writing, or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most discussed things on the web. Especially, there are a lot of jobs which require SEO Content Writing. Are you one of those who scratched their heads, wondering what SEO meant? Is it something special? Why is it required anyway? A lot of questions […]